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For  quite some time now I have been looking a great air ambulance company that puts out breaking news about the air medical and medical flight industry.  For some time now the people over at air ambulance weekly have been doing a great job with such. While we love sites like we also recommend you check out this amazing new site.

Air Ambulance Weekly puts out a few articles a week concerning international air ambulance services, air ambulance transport and other medical transport industry topics.  They are very well written articles and cover lots of interesting topics.  They allow any air ambulance company to submit ideas and press releases as well.

While focuses on the news, if you are looking for industry guides concerning how air ambulance services work we recommend  And finally, if you are looking for quick quotes information about air ambulance costs check out

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Top Air Ambulance Company News of 2013

Air ambulance news has compiled a list of the most talked about news in the air ambulance and medical flights industry in 2013.  Please check out the articles below and lets us know what you think.

REVA Air Ambulance takes over American Care Air Ambulance

Medical Flight Institute Launches Air Ambulance Accreditation Service

NAAMTA Accredits New Air Ambulance Companies

Air Ambulance Experts Launches New Medical Flight Service

Air Ambulance Company Ratings Canada Launches

Air Ambulance Worldwide Blog Follows Air Ambulance Industry

Air Ambulance Company Gets Acquired

US Medevac, World’s Most Prestigious Air Ambulance and Medical Flight Company

Airborne Air Ambulance Buys new Air Ambulance Plane

Our air ambulance and medical flight service news blog is one of the world’s premier sources of air ambulance industry news.  We are constantly scouring the globe to bring you the preeminent stories of our time.


New Air Ambulance and St. Luke’s Hospital

St Luke’s hospital in cedar rapids now has a new air ambulance.  Through a partnership with Med-Trans Corporation, the hospital now be able to offer 24-hour air ambulance transport.  As part of the new contract with Med-Trans, their 1997 helicopter was replaces with a new 2013 air ambulance helicopter.

Med-Trans will help offer a backup crew as well.

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Who are your favorite air ambulance companies?

I am looking for people to comment on this post and tell me who are their favorite air ambulance companies and why.  Here are a couple I am familiar with but feel free to comment with any other medical flight services both domestic and international.

My shortlist:

Angel MedFlight


Air Ambulance Specialists

Air Ambulance Experts

Advanced Air Ambulance

REVA Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Specialists

Medway Air Ambulance